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Brigitte et Jean-Christophe

Brigitte et Jean-Christophe Schoell
La Maison de la Sablière
8, rue Charles Péguy
33160 Saint Médard en Jalles
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+33 (0)6 72 03 57 67

About us

When our second daughter got married in 2005, our house started to feel very empty. That is how we had the idea to start a Bed and Breakfast. In few months we reorganized the house, and its bedrooms and we started our new activity the following spring. Our heart was beating hard when we welcomed our very first hosts the week-end of May 1st. We welcomed 4 hosts and they were coming from Belgium. Almost right away they felt very good in our house and we were so happy to share our home with them.

The fact that we also are so close to the airport of Merignac, but without its noise, helped us to quickly develop our activity and welcome new hosts from all over the world: France, but also England, Belgium, Canada, Quebec, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Greece, Holland etc…even from the Lofoten islands (we did not even know the existence of the place before we met with these very friendly couple).

We always welcome our host in a quiet and conformable house. We help them find happiness and we help them organize their stays by suggesting visits, exhibitions, restaurants, or itineraries. We supply with maps, timetables, tourism documents. Anything that can make their stay easy and enjoyable!

In exchange for their stay our hosts bring us so many things too: open-mindedness, other ways to deal with certain situations in life, new travel ideas, new recipes! new addresses. They also help us improve our English and Spanish a lot! They make us realize that no matter where we all come from, we all have very similar lives and concerns.
We even became friends with some of them, and in return they welcomed us in their own country! We observe and discover our own region through their eyes and it makes us love it even more!
It is in fact the desire to share with other people that guides us in this great adventure which soon will be 10 years old!